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Seyed Mohammad Hosseini

I am a software engineer with more than 7 years of experience working as a web developer. I am familiar with different programming languages; however my main role has been Python back-end developer, using Django and Flask.

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This is Seyed Mohammad Hosseini and I'm a Back-end Web Developer located in Dubai. I've worked as a software engineer at various companies in different industries with talented people and tried my best to create digital products for both business and consumer use.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering , and an Associate's degree in Electrical Engineering .

I have experience working in early stage startups helping to build them from scratch, as well as having been a member of great teams working on big projects with Millions of users.

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My Skills


Work Experience These are some of the companies and platforms I have worked for, and helped them create.

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Democrance is one of the most successful international Insurance technology companies, which tries to help customers, brokers and Insurance companies through automation of procedures. During my time working as a back-end developer, it is a great to be able to help new clients, learn new tools, and technologies, and relocate and live in Dubai.

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Nobitex is the one of the biggest crypto currency exchange platforms in Iran with over 4 Million active users. As a senior python developer, the experience to be able to code for an exchange platform, with concentration on performance, sensitivity and dealing problems in databases with millions of records was great. Improving Admin and Support Site, developing high performance modules for Exchange Core Platform and developing, testing and securing the Matcher engine were some my achievements at Nobitex.

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SahmeTo is a platform that can help users in the stock market by collecting and analyzing data from social media and other sources. The main idea of SahmeTO is to gather data from social media platforms (e.g. Telegram, Instagram), analyze this data using AI and extract stock market data from them then guide users based on these information. In addition to finding proper calculation to get proper results, dealing with sudden changes in the stock market, and gathering and analyzing data from social media were some of hardest challenges in this platform. I also created the separated Admin Panel using React, Redux for SahmeTo; a panel for the support team to manage data and customers.

Sahme To
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JadooBI is a unique and pioneer platform in BI section in Iran. The main idea of the platform is to gather data from various sources, perform queries, manipulations and aggregations to get the desired results, and visualize the results with proper representation to the end users. Being the lead back end developer, I had to deal with lots of challenges including connecting to different data sources (Relational, Non-Relational, APIs) and gathering data, handling the flow, storage and security of millions of records of data and lots of other hard and at the same time interesting- obstacles.One of the most valuable skills that I learned during my time in JadooBI was to create, connect, perform queries with different databases; PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra are some of the most famous databases that I extensively worked with.

Jadoo BI

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